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Downloads - Automation Tools

Essential WinRunner Patches v1.5e - Developed by (ADS) containing CSO function libraries and utility pack containing WDiff, etc.

Function Browser - The Function Browser is a tool to help organize and locate functions used by WinRunner. More Info

GUI Map Editor - The GUI Map Editor is a stand-alone editor that allows you to manipulate WinRunner GUI Map files through a graphical interface. More Info

GUI Map Compare v1.0 - Developed by Morse Hughes Rae to compare the differences between GUI map versions.

Automated Requirement Measurement Tool v2.1 - Developed by the SATC (NASA) for use as an early life cycle aid to identifying sources of software risks. It produces metrics and reports which identify areas of a requirements specification document that can be improved.

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Downloads - Example Test Automation Frameworks / Sample Code

Example Test Automation Frameworks Automation Framework by Anshoo Arora [Download] .NET framework for HP QuickTest Professional - .NET framework is accompanied by the same comprehensive and thorough documentation as the Web and Windows frameworks describing every piece of the code and how to maximize your use of the framework in your test automation projects. [Download] - Java framework for HP QuickTestProfessional - [Download] - SAP framework for HP QuickTestProfessional
- [Download] - Windows framework for HP QuickTestProfessional
- [Download] - Web framework for HP QuickTest Professional - [Download]

EMOS Framework Add-on for WinRunner - by EMOS Computer Group to expand the functionality & diversity of your WinRunner testing enviroment. [Download]

Sample TSL Code (Grouped by Function)

ASCII Support
Button Support
Error Messages
General Functions
List Support
Matrix Support
Menu Selection
String Functions
Time Formatting Functions
Translate Functions

The above code is open source.

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Documentation - Essential White Papers | Reference Guides

What is Software Testing?
| Written by James A. Whittaker |

Software Testing & Internationalisation
| Galileo Computing - Written by Manfred Ratzmann & Clinton De Young |

Totally Data Driven Automated Testing
| Written by Keith Zambelich |

EMOS Framework: Functional Testing Based on GUI-Modelling
| Written by Dean Rajovic |

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